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Before and After Dental Photos - DeBary, FL

Please enjoy some of our amazing smile transformations!

Case Study #1
Implant Supported Crowns

Chief Concern: Kristi had one missing front tooth and another failing front tooth.

Dental Treatment Solution: Both front teeth were replaced with implant supported crowns.


Case Study #2
Porcelain Veneers

Chief Concern: Shelly had old, discolored bonded fillings.

Dental Treatment Solution: Nice result from porcelain veneers.


Case Study #3

Chief Concern: Cathy had moderate wear on her front six teeth.

Dental Treatment Solution: Cathy had veneers done to restore length and esthetics. She also had a night guard made to help stop the wearing on her front teeth.


Case Study #4
Orthodontics and Crown & Bridge

Chief Concern: Rosa had spacing and severe crowding of her teeth.

Dental Treatment Solution: Rosa had extensive orthodontics followed by all-porcelain crown & bridge work. A dramatic change.


Case Study #5
Crown & Bridge

Chief Concern: Dave had no known problems until he came in for an exam. He had a failing bridge with an infection.

Dental Treatment Solution: We had to do an extraction and a long-span interlocking bridge.



Case Study #6
Porcelain Crowns

Chief Concern: Nora had old, discolored bonded fillings.

Dental Treatment Solution: She had all porcelain crowns placed and now you cannot distinguish from the real thing.


Case Study #7
Removable Partial Dentures

Chief Concern: Jean had very few remaining teeth and could not wear a denture due to the lack of bone.

Dental Treatment Solution: She had root canals on several teeth and an esthetic partial denture.